U n u n d e r s t a n d i n g


“a private language carried about us, them. ununderstanding.”

Stretched out phonemes and convoluted counterpoint makes the text mostly "ununderstandable." The text was initially recorded with my voice. After evaluating the pitch content from spectral analysis , I assigned the most significant pitches and their contours to the voices. The voices sing the harmonies that resonate when the text is spoken.

The piece can be divided into three distinct sections [a private language; carried about us, them; ununderstanding]. However the second section is interrupted with an “interlude” of sorts where the voices resemble speech – taking on the original and most purist form of replication of the original vocal recording. The music suddenly becomes highly rhythmic and utilizes the entire text.  The three main sections vary slightly from one another and have long, stagnating harmonies that emphasize each phoneme. It is not until this interlude that the listener has the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the text.