Carving Our Wooden Bodies

(2018) String Quartet - for Jack Quartet


Yappy pace

(2017) 2 percussionists with toy and diy instruments - for Bonnie Whiting and Jennifer Torrence



(2016) soprano, bass flute, oboe, percussion, and video - for Fonema Consort


Crisscrossed With Corrections

(2016) accordion, saxophone, percussion, premiered in Darmstadt -  for Gyre Ensemble - Darmstadt Stipend Prize winner



(2016) movement, flute, bass clarinet, trombone, and percussion extended by PVC pipe - for Mocrep


Oxygen & Reality

(2017) piccolo, balloons, washers, electronics - for Laura Cocks (not yet performed)


Electric Speak! Junk for me!

(2016) for speaking human + electronic junk 


Speech Factory

(2015) four human speakers 


Her I Is She This

(2015) recorder, doublebass, and two percussionists - for Mocrep


Her Disappearance

(2015) for two voices extended by PVC pipe - performed and written with Kayleigh Butcher


She lapsed 12 times into feigned lines

(2017) for Mocrep - 5 movers + audio score



 (2015) string trio - for Chartreuse



(2011) orchestra



(2011) electronic playback



(2015) speaking pianist - performed by Mabel Kwan


Beyond Semiotics

(2014) flutist with a voice 



(2014) soprano, clarinet, percussion


Northern Lights Vigil

 (2014) flute ensemble (not yet performed)



(2013) string quartet and electronic playback


U n u n d e r s t a n d i n g

(2014) SSAATTBB (not yet performed)


My Heart, My

(2013) harp and electronic playback


In Response

(2013) Asko Schonberg Ensemble


Living Language ```DISSECTIONS

(2014) voice and piano - electronic dissection


In The Completion

(2012) oboe, viola, and percussion


Sonata I. - (multiple takes, a mirror image)

(2014) voice and guitar



(2011) voice, two bass flutes, two violinists, horn, percussion



(2013) two players on the inside of the piano


Ws ea

(2011) flute, clarinet, flugelhorn, viola, and contrabassoon